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The Intersectionality of Health and Culture

For my Global Studies seminar, I have researched public health, culture, and the ways in which both subjects intersect. Culture has a strong impact on the ways a community approaches medicine. In recent years, anthropological studies have advanced and new perspectives have been highlighted. This enables a solid prediction to be made on how a country might address some of the world's major health issues. Focusing on China and the U.S, I study the strengths and weaknesses of different medicinal practices, coming to the conclusion that a better understanding of culture would greatly improve international health. 

Capstone Research Paper

Product #1: Yin Yang

My first product, Yin Yang, is a short poetry booklet consisting of two poems and three Haikus. It explores the experience of being either yin or yang deficient, as well as follows a short storyline of P'an Ku (also known as Pangu), a figure in Chinese mythology who is known for creating the universe through yin and yang energy. Black and white are used to symbolize the contrast between the two energies and gray is used to symbolize their harmony.

Product #2: Dong Quai

My second product, Dong Quai, follows the story of a stubborn young man diagnosed with Leukemia named Sully Cheng. Sully moves in with his Chinese-American grandparents in Manhattan and struggles to negotiate his treatments with his grandma, Nainai. One night, after taking his chemo pills he endures a series of dreams that recall the tale of Pan'ku and the creation of yin and yang. These dreams help him understand Nainai's perspective.

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